One of the primary goals of modern office design is to create a place that promotes efficiency and focus. This is achieved by planning of work areas that provide space, versatility and comfort.

OFS offers task chairs with comfort features like breathable fabrics and easy-to-reach controls for customizing back support and sitting positions. We can help you furnish your space with just the right seating to keep your team comfortable and ready to do their best work.



Convergence offers a synchro-tilt control with seat slide, which provides customized comfort and a natural reclining posture. Arm rests that support height and width enable you to put the support right where you need it. Seat fabric and mesh back are both black in color.


Airus is light in scale, big on comfort and just right on aesthetic value. Breathable, mid and high back mesh options coupled with integrated back height adjustment offer all day task intensive comfort. Simple to spec and with sensible features, Airus is ready to stack hands and achieve goals.


Comfort cures distraction. With ergonomic touch points for human work postures and a sporty design interpretation, Sladr competes at all performance levels. Accented functionality with frame apogees for hanging bags and backpacks to move with the energy of your organization, Sladr was informed by people who get things done. Design Sladr to your liking with nine mesh and three frame choices for a personal fingerprint that contributes to culture of teamwork and appreciation.


Ignition offers a synchro-tilt mechanism with seat slider, which offers a full range of reclining positions.Back angle adjustment lets you put the back in whatever position you prefer. Fabric and chair frame are both black in color.


Design and produce a commercial workspace that is efficient, improves staff communication and solidifies employee commitment to the company.