Streamlined FF&E Procurement Services Like You’ve Never Experienced Before

You want your space to tell your story. So does OFS Interiors. As a leader in interior design, commercial furniture, flooring, and project management services, our team is highly experienced in finding and deploying reliable resources at the best price for the best result, under the strictest conditions of quality.

Our renowned design team seeks to improve the lives of your space’s users in a way that considers your core values and invokes respect for your brand.

At OFS Interiors, we know how important it is to keep a project within the budget and to meet important deadlines. We work with our network of trusted vendors, developed over the past 50 years, to deliver unique experiences on any budget.

We align affordability with what our clients need to tell their stories.


OSF Interiors is an Interior Design and FF&E Procurement Firm specializing in student housing, multifamily housing, hospitality, and commercial venues.
OFS Interiors is a one-stop shop for all your project design, furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E Procurement) needs.

When it comes to FF&E procurement in business, the goal at OFS Interiors is to attain a level of quality goods that enhances a brand’s reputation in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.
Going with the lowest price can never be the bottom line. At OFS Interiors, we push for not just affordability, but efficiency.
A seasoned and dedicated team of professionals is assigned to work with you throughout the entire lifetime of the project.
OFS Interiors has gathered the industry’s best procurement specialist to serve our clients. Project Managers are trained to identify not only potential problems but work with our renowned in-house design teams to achieve the design intent while value engineering.
Our Project Managers have worked diligently to build relationships with vendors, freight, and logistics companies to proactively get goods from point manufacturers to the warehouse or project site, often saving clients time and money.
We stay on top of new technologies and cutting-edge changes within the procurement industry, so our staff is constantly learning how to work more efficiently and effectively with our clients and projects. Continuous improvement is a core value at OFS Interiors, that’s why we are constantly working to streamline processes, providing hassle-free service to our clients.
Transparency means everything. We take control of the budget, making sure that exact prices for each item are clearly spelled out. Once all the pricing is determined, it’s presented to the client for final approval.
OFS Interiors manages delivery and installation. A designer is assigned to specifically oversee truck unloading and placement of all the furniture. They also document any damage that may occur and create a punch list of issues that need to be resolved.


Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E Procurement)


Let the team at OFS Interiors create a place that students will want to call home.

OFS Interiors provides a wide array of design and procurement services for both on and off-campus student housing and facilities, including:

  • Study areas
  • Clubhouses
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Student unit furniture
  • Apartment furniture
  • Fitness center
  • Game room
  • Classrooms
  • Convenience and retail space

We proudly partner with university leaders, business owners, and managers to tell their stories through real spaces and authentic designs. We make every design an opportunity to communicate your core values and promote your brand.


At OFS Interiors, we design gorgeous, completely custom spaces that tell your story and reflect the surrounding community.

Our full-service multifamily design firm delivers from start to finish.

Whether you’re considering a new ground-up project or a fresh renovation, we design one-of-a-kind spaces with personality and charm.

We work alongside you to understand your residents, budget, location, and goals so we can design an elevated environment that reflects the surrounding community, while still protecting your bottom line.


OFS Interiors is a premier provider of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) for boutique hotel properties, major hotel brands, and many distinguished real estate development companies.

OFS Interiors Designers help customers see visually striking environments that let them know they’ve come to the right place. In commercial business, it exemplifies success and invokes the desire to partner with us. In a hotel, its visitors realizing they’ve made the smart choice about where to stay.

Our designers work with you to ‘wow’ guests and create a unique hospitality experience engineered to appeal to your market.

Let the innovative team at OFS Interiors uncover your story and define your budget and personality to produce spaces that share your vision.

We can work with almost any commercial space, including:

  • Shopping Center
  • Library
  • Country Club
  • Restaurant
  • Game room


The OFS Interiors Advantage

Circle Graphic – OFS Interiors FF&E Procurement Services

Project Management & Planning. After creating a compelling design, the most important aspect of the OFS Interiors procurement process is ongoing planning. This entails detail and organization, team collaboration, and client participation. The team at OFS has this down to a science, maintaining client confidence, easing stress, and ultimately delivering function, comfort, and tone that enhances the brand.

Our clients enjoy our streamlined design and procurement process, our detailed documentation, our project management expertise, and our ability to deliver great designs at any budget.

An Integrated Approach. By providing an integrated FF&E procurement solution, OFS Interiors consolidates and streamlines the entire process. Our dedicated team of design and procurement experts is experienced in the acquisition of technology, furnishings, and equipment, and has the expertise, relationships, and drive to ensure you will always receive the best value for your budget.