Commercial Broker

OFS Interiors is a mid-market office furniture dealer, and we know the tenant improvement (TI) process better than our competition. Commercial brokers look to us for the test fit and schematic design of the tenant’s furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE) procurement processes. We are dedicated to helping commercial brokers design professional and appealing interiors for tenant improvement.

OFS works with the largest commercial agents all over Mountain West, and OFS Interiors is committed to finding the best interior designs available. Have a budget? We consider your budget when procuring office interiors for your clients.

When you work with OFS Interiors for your office procurement needs. We offer you:

  • Detail and transparent communication. Consistent communication is at the forefront of our efforts. Transparent and consistent communication means you will always know what part of your project we are working on, and we pay attention to your deadlines.
  • Negotiate your needs with our professional staff. We do not require RFPs or bids. We allow your team to have the flexibility to turn office space into professional working areas. We will be there when you adjust your needs as you discover different areas of concern.
  • We do everything we can to help your tenants stay within their budget. Our office furniture averages less than $16/ft. We will look at your tenant’s layout and advise you and them on what they need to fit the leasing space. Our professionals are here to help your tenants design the most efficient and attractive space within their budget.
  • We offer free test fits. We do not make money on test fits. Test fits are offered as a service to our clients to ensure they are receiving the best tenant improvement possible. Selling quality products is where we make our money. We GUARANTEE the best cost-per-foot experience in the business.
  • We encourage you to shop around and compare us with our competition. We are confident that you will find OFS’ quotes, floor plans, 3D rendering, and programs to be superior. We will work with you at all phases of your fit-out and FFE procurement processes to ensure you are getting high-quality products and services for your budget.

Call on OFS Interiors when you are working with clients on tenant improvement. We will work with you and your tenants until you are completely satisfied with the result.