When designing the modern office, the designer uses a sensitive balance of tight project timelines and client expectations. OFS prides itself on designers who are here to follow your deadlines, budget, and expectations. Are you looking for design support or a new statement?

OFS has complementary solutions that focus on every design project, including the flooring. Whether you are just getting started or looking for design support in a remodel, OFS is here to help at any phase of the process. Keep your commercial enterprise up to date and start with the floor.


Design and produce a commercial workspace that is efficient, improves staff communication and solidifies employee commitment to the company.



A beautiful, flexible and diverse family of multi-use chairs from HON, one of America’s leaders in high-quality seating. Dynamic flex-zone seat and back motion provides all-day comfort. Molded shell features reinforced resin for flexibility and strength to withstand heavy use and frequent handling.


Coact Modular Lounge balances structure and freeform for congruent spaces that run the spectrum of playfulness to sophistication. Simply offering multiple levels of private and social settings empowers people to choose how they achieve their day.


Retrospect looks better than ever! Fresh, modern, clean lines allow specifies to personalize and update space designs. Optional arm designs, back placements, leg options, hang tables, bolster pillows and tablet options all support a series of benches in various sizes to offer a collection that is both flexible and stylish. The addition of benches scaled for children’s areas add complimentary seating for all visitors.