With teams scattered throughout buildings, cities and across the globe, we all need a place to get together to align activities and set direction for what to do next.

Our designers are here to help through any design project, working within your budget and timeframe to create just the right space for collaboration and new ideas.



Intermix Collaborative creates islands of productivity and collaboration as colleagues gather to connect and communicate. Offering touchdown places for groups and individuals encourages movement as Intermix Collaborative becomes a destination for scheduled and casual interactions. The versatility of Intermix Collaborative through shapes, sizes and configurations as well as material choices does exactly as its name implies, it mixes beautifully with your design and function aspirations.


In Japanese, Heya means “small room.” Designer Roger Webb created Heya to form smaller spaces within an environment. We sought to foster smaller rooms within a space where individuals and groups alike can find an escape from the larger office to accomplish what they need most. This meant creating all the pieces that support the needs of the individuals within. From large worktables, privacy screens, pull-up tables, to mobile hideaways, the Heya line was created to blend seamlessly into the office while providing the privacy that people truly need to focus.


Boardroom Amenities for the Open Area. Slate creates efficient collaboration and sharing venues with boardroom amenities in the midst of open areas. Concise and intuitive, Slate provides media support, space division, collaboration tools, power, and storage in a seamless interface that helps people work together more effectively.


Design and produce a commercial workspace that is efficient, improves staff communication and solidifies employee commitment to the company.