Discover new possibilities for your lounge area. OFS offers several table options to help maximize the space of your waiting rooms and spontaneous gatherings.

A big change doesn’t have to be a big expense, and we’re here to help. Let our designers guide you in creating an affordably reimagined space for conversation and new ideas to flow.



Contemporary appeal at an affordable price. Laminate color is Chestnut. Leg and frame finish is Platinum.


Laminate color is Pinnacle, edgeband color is Pinnacle, and finish color is Textured Silver. The round, seated height worksurface brings everyone closer to their work. 1-1/8″ thick worksurface provides a sturdy foundation


Being casual yet complex has never been more aesthetically pleasing. The Maive collection introduces a combination of twists and turns that can thread along creativity or satisfy simplicity. Allow the table or stool to exude confidence by adding a dash of personality to the base with our selection of powder coats. Solidify the satisfying look with a bold veneer, an elegant stone top, or a plush textile cushion. Whether kicking up your feet or setting down your coffee, let Maive unapologetically blend a natural and professional workspace together.


Tapered, spun wood legs nestle into the cast aluminum hub which affords Roo tables the versatility and aesthetic range from minimal componentry. Roo derived from a design collaboration with Kansas State University students who identified a need for an occasional table collection to complement the growth of casual spaces in the workplace. Roo’s varied heights and shapes along with choices in creating tonal or contrasting finishes present both bespoke and quiet design iterations.


Design and produce a commercial workspace that is efficient, improves staff communication and solidifies employee commitment to the company.